Welcome Home

Hello? Is this thing on?

Oh I guess you cant really hear me can you? Nevertheless welcome and congratulations, you have stumbled upon one of the most magical pages on the internet. Here you will find a collection of all things weird, creepy, and dare I say spooky? Believe me you’re going to get tired of hearing that word by the end of this. Who am I you ask? Well I’m just a simple ghost stuck in the machine; but you can call me by my earthly name Gus, I will be your curator into this bizarre new world. Over the years I have amassed a collection of horrific tales that I wish to share with you the reader! From the occult to aliens, serial killers to vampires; nothing is off limits here. A warning; things will get graphic, and we will dive into territory rarely spoken about in the mainstream so please be advised.

You can read new horror short stories from my collection every Thursday on the Stories tab!

Oh and videos too! Yes I have recently acquired the first season of Plagues: A Collection of Shorts, which you will find on the videos tab! No clue what the director was thinking while he made these but they are quite odd indeed…

Anyways enough of me rambling! Dear reader I hope you enjoy your stay here and remember to…

stay spooky.